Thursday, July 30, 2009

A3? Are you talkin' to me?

Today a favorite client turned the tables on me. I am still absorbing the impact.

I had called my friend to ask him to become a contributor to a new blog (subject: lean healthcare) that I plan to launch next month. In the last fifteen months I helped my client through a major implementation of hoshin kanri in which over 50 A3s were generated by as many managers, and which--I am proud to report--have been reviewed very efficiently (according to a 7-minute takt time) in weekly stand-up meetings. Cool!

Today, however, as I tried to persuade my friend to become a regular contributor to my blog, as I blathered on about vision, mission, and objectives, he very politely interrupted me to ask a simple question:

"Have you written an A3?"

Well, no.

I promised that I would draft an A3 and send it to him for his review.

Thank you, Sensei.

Tom Jackson
Burlingame, CA

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